This is HEAVEN for K-POP FANS (K-POP Shop Tour in Seoul)

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Myeongdong is one of the most popular places in Seoul because of its atractions, restaurants, cafes and shops in which you can buy clothes or cosmetics But in Myeongdong Underground Shopping Centre you can find heaven for K-POP fans We found the first shop and this is what we see at the first sight And here are the blindfolds with various groups Wanna One, BTS, more BTS They are quite cheap This is definitely a blindfold for Ann I think she will buy it Sehun, Suho so we have each member Wanna One again Lay, B.A.P, more Lay Even Luhan is here! TVXQ… Super Junior… I think everyone will find something here The next things we can see are the notepads Also with various groups Once again we have Wanna One, BTS and TWICE At least here but I think we can find more groups inside of this shop I found Infinite towel Another thing with BTS, TWICE, EXO and whoever you want which is pillow case You can see the pillows a little bit higher You can see how the pillow cases look like on pillows More K-POP-related things – make-up bags This is a little bit easier because we immediately see who is on each make-up bag We have for example Infinite, Minhyun, SHINee and B2ST On the next hanger we can see some postcards and stickers With many groups and artists and now I’m shocked because I even found my first K-POP bias – Jang Geun Suk We already saw a few things we wanna buy Seventeen, Kuanlin, Inside we can see EVERYTHING Posters, notepads, key chains, wallets… Here are more posters Albums, key chains, pens, official figures, more folders and more key chains This is the next shop in Myeongdong Besides that we can find lightsticks… And more albums BTS More BTS EXO WANNA ONE I saw Seventeen More, more and more! These are standing stickers and here we can see how they look like I think I already made a choice It was quite obvious! My 3 favorite groups next to each other Fanboys can also find many things here! Photo sets, notepads… They are really beautiful and I wanna take them all I can see that Ann already took something for me… And it’s Jimin
[ For you! ] Keychains, More cards! A huge amount of BTS things These are photo and sticker sets SEVENTEEN stamps! Jimin stamps! WANNA ONE stamps! EXO stamps! VIXX stamps! Various notepads and here we have for example EXO and also each EXO member We can also find former members BTS and each member WANNA ONE Also with each member JBJ, VIXX, B.A.P, Block B, ASTRO, SEVENTEEN… NCT, 2PM, GOT7 again, HIGHLIGHT In general – everything you want! Bracelets with a lot of K-POP groups and biases These are the nameplates and again WANNA ONE And this is how it looks like These are standing dolls and keychains which are extremely cute Once again we have BTS, WANNA ONE, a lot of TWICE I also see BIGBANG and GOT7 Tell me – how not to buy it? Pens, photobook More blindfolds I also found some tattoos Various tattoos Here I found some mini lightsticks BIGBANG, SEVENTEEN, INFINITE and more INFINITE I.O.I and one more BIGBANG Balloons with B.A.P, 2PM, EXO, BIGBANG and TXVQ hiding in the back You can also buy face masks with K-POP groups like TWICE… I also saw Shinhwa This EXO mask is really beautiful A bit different kind of pin Posters and stickets set as I can see There are a lot of groups you can choose Like GOT7, SEVENTEEN … There is heaven inside of this shop! Buttons, pillows, pillow cases… Thermal mugs – you can see how many can you buy! A lot of groups to choose and a lot of members to choose Some lightsticks, official BTS toys and official BIGBANG toys There are so many – how can I choose? Left or right? Left one! – This one?
– Yes Or maybe this one? Nope, the left one This is the most genius thing ever These are the keychains It has a name of the group and mini lightsticks! Look at this, it’s amazing! I am literally in heaven right now Even though there is no BTS, EXO or anything I want, I’m still in heaven This is another extremely cute thing! Just look at this All of those things are so cute… You can buy nothing… Or spend all of your money here I just chose my next decoration thing! The choice of bands is huge If you like less popular groups, there is still a chance that you can find it Calendars and this is… Magnet and photo frames! Cosmetics bags There are more… It never ends Folders A lot of folders Whole wall of transparent photocards Here are the transparent BTS photocards Each member… But seriously, these cards are beautiful TWICE Red Velvet MAMAMOO Here is a different version of those cards And they are also stickers A huge wall of T-MONEY cards T-MONEY is a payment card you can use in Korea You can also use it in public transportation Another shop Once again we can find the nameplates And even more groups to choose – EXO, GOT7, BIGBANG, BTS, INFINITE… Super Junior, HIGHLIGHT and TWICE We just noticed something we didn’t see in any other shop These are hand mirrors! Except of the underground shops, we also found one outside! This is what you call… A choice I think we have to leave because we spent too much money here But we’ve been waiting for this kind of shopping till now and we couldn’t wait! But Myeongdong is definitely a place for K-POP fans where they can find whatever they want If you want to see more K-POP places in Korea, watch our vlogs!


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  1. Unbridled Buffalo says:

    Kto jest Waszym UB?! 💕

  2. PinkToPink ptp says:

    i legit wanna buy ALL THE TWICE STUFF ahahahahsh

  3. bby saiki; says:

    If I was a billionaire I'll buy the whole store.

  4. meera says:

    omf i would go straight broke if i came to this shop

  5. Bad no me says:

    Im gettin hungry watching the official merch . Someone pls send me there without going back –

  6. sofi gamer says:

    Solo vine por bts V:

  7. minYoon says:

    sorry but can you tell me how the albums price range is generally in korea? my friend is going to visit and i want her to buy me some merch 😅

  8. pinky boy says:

    Where is it? Im curious 😂

  9. Havid Han says:

    omg. i wish there is store like that in my country

  10. Jeongguk sz says:

    Caralho esse lugar e o paraíso,amo????

  11. JustMia says:

    gdybym tam była to bym wykupiła wszystko bts i jungkook xd

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  13. Ellie Monbebelle says:

    Monsta x???

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  15. h i says:


  16. Saki YT says:

    Ja tam pojadę i wydam cały mój hajs na rzeczy z Jiminem i twice

  17. HajiMARK** says:

    my international heart is crying.

  18. Basma Madrid says:

    I love you bts

  19. Namu says:

    Namjoon: Jimin.
    Jimin: Yea
    Namjoon: You got no jams

    Jimin: Namjoon.
    Namjoon: Yea
    Jimin: You got no abs

  20. farhahxoxo says:

    im going in 2 weeks and i can already see myself spend all my money there

  21. tae's princess says:

    How much is the lightstick there?

  22. Ameliza Gernie says:

    Is it just me crying while watching this video because of happiness or jealousy?

  23. James Curt says:

    I barely see blackpink

  24. It's Nina says:

    Ima cry because i want go there and get some BTS things

  25. Hannah Calingacion says:

    What is love background music😍

  26. Free Movies says:

    Do you know what the name of this shop in Myeongdong is?

  27. Fariha Hyder says:

    Well of course it’s in SEOUL!! NOT New York 😭😭😭

  28. Ola Przytarska says:

    Dlaczego ja wszędzie widzę BTS? XDDD


    May i ask they have some astro merch

  30. Kim Hana says:

    i'm crying

  31. 겟자-당신 채널을 소개해드립니다. says:


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    "park jun beauty lab (hair salon) in myeong-dong" korea number 1 hair salon!! 박준뷰티랩
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  32. DARKSIDE realistic BTS A.R.M.Y says:

    Its not a store but heaven😍😍🌅🌅

  33. Cutie K says:

    I would live in the store.

  34. Alif * says:

    A dużo było rzeczy z Blacpink?

  35. Jasmin Panumpang says:

    I need to go there….

  36. Life Is Brutal says:

    Jedziemy so Seoul'u! XD

  37. boystorytube says:

    I'm going to korea this summer so I was looking for this lol

  38. seungkwan sexy says:

    Mom, bring me to Seoul please

  39. Krul Tepes says:

    Where's Blackpink 🙁

  40. Barbera Ha says:

    Not many black pink stuff 🙁

    (Like if you are a blink) 🖤💗

  41. sonqmia says:

    The struggle of living in Europe

  42. Christie Mars says:

    I'm going to Korea in 15 days!! Woohoo!!

  43. Carat Ksweets says:

    Seventeen 😍😍

  44. Sumana koli says:

    Is there any blackpink album?

  45. T_tagram xy says:

    TWICE stuff❤️

  46. Kole Kole says:

    Liv stiki jak to się pisze proszę pomużcie

  47. Sanam. Bangtan says:

    Where is it ?? in Istanbul?? I want it !😭😭 I’m in Istanbul

  48. Amirhamza Khan says:

    IF I want to Korea from India and go in this heaven only my dead body is gone come back India plz someone take me there 😢😢

  49. bbuing beng says:

    what is the name of the shop who sells lightstick????

  50. lnadst says:

    How much are the albums? Is it cheaper than a not korean country ? ^^

  51. multiplied.fandom says:


  52. Flaliya 06 says:

    I:Mom!!!!Lets go holiday at Korea
    run and hug mom
    Mom:IN YOUR DREAM BRO*savange face*

  53. Flaliya 06 says:

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    I'm coming to Korea, wait for me too😂😭

  55. Fonita Hardjo says:


  56. marya dragon says:

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  57. anonim says:

    Dajcie mi coś z Bts i blackpink będę szczęśliwym człowiekiem <3

  58. 미 선 says:


  59. aloevera says:

    I feel so pathetic :/
    in my country we do have a Kpop store, but it’s in the city

  60. 전정국 says:

    Ja bym chyba oszlała gdybym tam była bo to serio raj Ale tak bardzo chcialabym tam być

  61. Alicja Kuraś says:

    Tak bardzo chciałabym tam pojechać i kupić te wszystkie rzeczy <3 pozdrawiam

  62. *Dxre Dxvil* says:

    The Word 'Heaven' Made Me Come Here tEeHEe

  63. Stan Nct says:

    jakby tam byla wydalam by wszystkie pieniadze
    wiem data

  64. Sara de jesus santos says:


  65. Suga BTS says:

    In vietnam we don’t have many things in kpop song likes your country :((😭

  66. Kata Ole says:

    ALE BYM TAM CHCIAŁA BYĆ!!!! Jeszcze na koncercie BTS, koszulkę już zamówiłam teraz tylko dostać się do tego raju!!!

  67. Peanut head V says:

    Sad reality
    " Im broke "

  68. Anne Poplevin says:

    i know what you saying and then not i hear a little russian

  69. Anne Poplevin says:


  70. Anne Poplevin says:

    tbr i cant go there i will spend all my money and my parents money XD not like i can ever go there

  71. Park Bora ARMY says:

    Can i ask what is the cost of 1 korean won if its equivalent philippine piso?please some answer me😭

  72. Cooky_ Jungkook says:

    Chyba żeby kupić te rzeczy wzięła bym kredyt 😂❤🌸🇰🇷

  73. Goda Laudel says:

    I wish nepal also have like this store..😢😢😢

  74. Rose 9837 says:

    Jakby mnie tam wpuścili to bym pół dzielnicy wykupiła xD
    Gdyby mnie było stać xD

  75. hendrich gingco says:


  76. istván dobos says:


  77. 이카밀라 says:

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  78. erina says:

    hello! what’s the name of store with lightsticks

  79. Kamille Pasay says:

    Can you learn english after you interview about Myeong-Dong With Kpop

  80. Ah excuji meee I was born in Busan first says:

    I can't explain my happiness rn. I've arrived in Korea and now finally I'm gonna buy some BTS and BT21 merch . Tysm for this video. <3

  81. † мιи уσσи-gι† says:


  82. błåčķ pīňķ says:

    i'm sorry but i'm


  83. Dominika Patrycja Wiktoria says:

    BTS-y, wszędzie BTS-y! 😂🤩

    A tak poza tym to szkoda, że nie ma podobnych sklepów w Polsce dla fanów różnych wykonawców/zespołów, nie tylko k-popowych.
    Pozostaje tylko zamawianie fajnych rzeczy przez neta… 😒

  84. Priscila Nascimento says:

    Vou tentar ir no seoul mas primeiro vou aprender fala coreano💜💜

  85. Jangan dkacau telpon ku. Tempeleng muka mu karang! says:

    Who want to shopping in kpop shop?
    I like ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  86. Patbeom im ahgase is amazing! just2xGOT7 gatoseven! says:

    Yo que me la paso comprando cosas de got7 en aliexpress🙈🙈

  87. ꧁ Pastel Goth ꧂ says:

    2:21 Twice – What is love kocham 💝💗

  88. Life is Wonderful 5200 says:

    Omg luhan?!

  89. larkspurbae says:

    what's the name of the store?

  90. Hbdbjjkl 666 says:

    Szkoda tylko, że przynajmniej połowa z tego merchu nie jest licencjonowana.

  91. Rima Akter says:

    I want to go the shop 😭😭😭

  92. Zuzanna Bilińska says:

    2:21 WHAT IS LOVE!!!!

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  94. cerulean ivy says:

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  95. wiktoria matwiejczuk says:

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    zaglądam do portfela
    – yolo yolo yolo ya where my money ya

  96. wiktoria matwiejczuk says:

    po osiemnastce jade tam i wykupie wszystko z jungkookiem, jiminem, taehyungiem i lee know

  97. 민호 says:

    My mom is gonna kill me when i take her to this shop (;_;)

    edit : well I have photocards only but that’s okay 🙂

  98. •Frosty Chan• says:

    I have a kpop store where i live and they have the same things this kpop store has

  99. Darin Hana says:

    Buy seventeen album plese

  100. Irish Nicole Lactao says:

    Are those official??? Like the army bomb??thanks po

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