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Hey, it’s Annemarie with
Speak Confident English. This is exactly where you want to be to
get the confidence you want for daily life and work in English and that is
especially true this week if you’re a shopaholic. If you love
shopping or even if you don’t, but you’re already preparing for the
holidays which are coming up in December and January, then you know we have some pretty big
shopping days coming up soon in the United States. Black Friday, the busiest and biggest shopping day of
the year always happens at the end of November. It comes just after our
Thanksgiving holiday and Black
Friday has also spread to many other countries around the world. Then because of the popularity of
online shopping, just a few days later, we have Cyber Monday where you can find
huge discounts and deals when you’re shopping online. Now I have to
admit, I don’t love shopping. Being in a crowded shopping mall is
overwhelming and usually stressful for me, so I tend to shop online
or I love shopping at small
local stores where I live. Thankfully about 10 years
ago in the United States, we also started Small Business Saturday . This is an opportunity to support and
shop at local stores and boutiques where you live and I love
supporting local businesses. All of that means we have three massive
shopping days coming up at the end of November and beginning of December. So if you’re planning to take advantage
of some of those discounts and go shopping, I want you to know exactly what you’re
going to hear when you’re shopping in English and what you should be prepared
to say when you’re shopping in English. But before we get started,
if shopping isn’t for you, if you’re overwhelmed or you dislike
the idea of all this consumption, I have one more day
for you to think about. After Cyber Monday, we
have Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a global effort to
focus less on consumption and more on supporting organizations that help people
and other important causes around the world. If you love the idea of giving money
to an organization that helps others. I’ll leave a link just below this video
so you can learn everything you need about Giving Tuesday and I’ll also give
you a popular alternative at the end of this lesson if you want to avoid
all the Black Friday craziness. All right. Before we dive in to everything you
need to know about shopping in English, I have to pause here and give kudos
to someone in our Confident English community. Last week I got an email from Teresa
who’s part of our Confident English community. She’s been watching videos on the Speak
Confident English channel for about two months now and I want to share with
you what she said in her email. Teresa said, there are a couple of
things that I love about your videos. One is the way that you speak just a
bit slower than normal so that it’s easy for me to understand you clearly. It feels like my brain
finally matches my mouth. I feel empowered to express
my thoughts clearly. The second reason is your video
content. You cover the most practical, real and ready to use English speaking
materials so that we non native speakers can jump right into any
English speaking situation. It feels like you are showing us a
variety of maps to different locations so that there are no mysteries. All we have to do is study the
different maps, start walking, running and climbing. Teresa, that is one of the most amazing
emails I’ve ever received. I’ve read it every day for the last week. It puts a smile on my face every single
morning and it makes me feel so happy to know that you feel that way and there’s
a couple of things I want to say. Number one, I do have a
lot of students who say, I seem to speak slower than
normal. To be honest with you, the way that I speak in my videos here
isn’t that different from how I speak in my everyday life. I truly believe that fluency
is about clear communication. It’s not about how fast you talk, it’s about giving people the ability to
understand you and making sure that you can express your ideas clearly. This is exactly what I help students do
in my Fluency School courses as well and I love that the way I
communicate is helpful to you
and it gives you the ability to feel empowered and to
express yourself more easily. The second thing is I love that you feel
my lessons are practical and useful. Your description of my lessons being
like a map and all you have to do is read the map, start walking, running, and climbing is the best analogy I’ve
ever heard and I definitely want to continue providing those kinds of
lessons to you in the future. So Teresa, thank you so much for sharing
your thoughts with me and
taking the time to send that email. I absolutely
loved it. All right, now let’s dive in to the complete guide
to what you need to know about shopping in English. Here’s exactly what we’re
going to talk about in this lesson today. First, what are some of the questions
you might hear from a shopkeeper or sales assistant when you’re shopping? Then how do you respond to
those questions? Number three, what to say when you’re
looking for something specific. When you can’t find what you’re looking
for or maybe you want to try something on. Number four, we’re going to talk about the difference
between things that are on sale, things that are on clearance and other
words that you’ll often see related to discounts. And finally, the last thing that we’ll talk about is
what do you need to say and what will you often hear if you need to
return or exchange an item. That’s definitely a lot to cover, but I promise it’ll get you ready for
all those shopping days in English. Let’s dive in with that first topic on
what you are likely to hear when you enter a store and how you
should respond in English. When you walk into a store, you’ll often hear a sales
assistant or shopkeeper say, hi, how are you doing today? Yes,
they are asking how are you doing? But honestly, they don’t really
want to know. Hi, how are you doing? It’s really just a polite greeting in
English. It’s a long way to say hello. When you hear that you can
respond simply with hello, hi, fine thanks or you could even respond
by saying the same exact words back, hi, how are you doing? Again, you’re not
really asking them how are you doing. It’s just part of that polite greeting.
The second thing you might hear is, can I help you with anything today or
are you looking for anything specific? And here are several ways you can respond
to that whether you want help or not. Number one, you can say, no thank you.
I’m just looking or I’m just browsing. Now, if you do want some help
looking for something specific, here are a few examples. Yes, I’m
looking for your clearance items. We’ll talk more about clearance items
in a little bit and how they might be a little different from
things that are on sale. You could also say something like, yes, could you tell me where the
home goods department is? Home goods would include things
like bedding, blankets, lamps, small kitchen, appliances,
rugs, and so on. Another option, yes, I’m looking for the
men’s department or yes, I’m looking for the men’s section. Let’s talk a moment about the difference
between department and section. A department store is a very large
store that sells many different items. For example, children’s clothing,
women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, luggage, purses, scarves, winter items, kitchen items, home goods and so on. And all of those different
sections are called departments. So if you’re in a very large store, you
might look for the men’s department. But if you’re in a smaller store that
still sells a variety of items like a Walmart or a Target, those different areas are called sections. So when someone asks if they can
help you, you might say, yes, I’m looking for the toy section. Now what if you’re shopping and you find
the perfect sweater or pair of jeans, but you want them in a different
size or color? First, of course, you want to find someone who works at
the store and then here are a variety of questions you can ask to get what
you’re for. Number one, excuse me, do you have this sweater and a
size six or number two, excuse me, do you have this skirt
and a medium? Excuse me, do you have this dress
available in blue? Excuse me, I saw this shirt online in green. Do you have that color available in
the store? And number five, excuse me, do you have this computer available
but with a larger amount of memory? What do you notice about
all of those examples? Yes, I started with, excuse
me, that is the perfect, polite way to get someone’s attention and
to ask that question to get some help. Similar to getting help for a
different size or a different color. You might find the perfect
sweater and you want to try it on, but you’re not sure where to do that.
So in that situation you could ask, excuse me, could you tell me
where the fitting rooms are? Now, depending on what kind of store you’re in, you might have a sales assistant check
on you while you’re in the fitting room first. When you go in, they might
ask you how many items do you have? They simply want to know how many things
you’re taking with you into the fitting room. So if you have a pair
of jeans and three shirts, you have four items. Then when
they show you your fitting room, they might say something like, let me know if you need any
help or different sizes. I’ll check on you in a few minutes. After a few minutes you might get a
little knock at your door and they’ll ask you how is everything going or
how’s everything working out? Do you need any different sizes?
And in that moment, again, you can either say no thank you,
everything’s fine. Or you could say, yes, could I get this pair of pants in a
different size and then give them the specific size that you want. And
finally, when you leave the fitting room, you’ll probably hear someone
say, how did everything fit? Or how did everything work out? If you’re happy with everything and you
plan to purchase the things you tried on, you can simply say, great, thank you. If you didn’t like anything that you
tried on and you don’t plan to purchase anything, you could say they didn’t
work out unfortunately, but thank you. But if it’s a mix, if you’re going
to keep one item and not the other, you can say I’m going to keep the
dress but not the jeans, thanks. All right. How are you doing? We’ve
covered quite a few things so far, but we have two more
to discuss. Number one, what’s the difference between sale and
clearance items and what are some other words that you might see related
to discounts and number two, what to do when you need to
exchange or return something. So let’s dive in to sales
and clearance items. A sale is when things are available
for a discount and usually they’re very popular items. For example, if you go shopping on Black Friday or
if you’re waiting for a special deal on Cyber Monday, they’re probably items
that you and a lot of other people want. A clearance is a little different.
When an item is on clearance, it is at the lowest price possible.
It’s the biggest discount you’ll find. And this is usually for items that are
outdated, they’re unpopular or it’s the end of this season. For example, usually in February or
March in the United States, we transition from winter to spring, so all those winter
clothes go on clearance. It’s the end of the season and
stores want to reduce the inventory, the number of items they have for winter
clothes so that they have room for all the new spring clothing. Now one important thing to
know about clearance items, you need to be careful about buying
those because sometimes when you buy a clearance item, you’ll see the words final sale and
what that means is that if you buy it, you cannot return it or exchange it, so it’s really important to try those
things on or make sure it’s something you really want to. Other words that
you see related to discounts, are rebate and special offer. A rebate is when you
initially pay the full price, but then they give you money back
based on a special condition. And a special offer is when there
might be a discount available, but only under specific
conditions. For example, maybe you have to buy two items in
order to get the discount. All right, let’s get started with the
final part of this lesson, which is what to say when you need
to exchange or return an item. Let’s say that you go on a little
shopping spree on Black Friday, you buy way too many things and when you
get home you realize I don’t need all of this, or maybe you bought a few
things that just aren’t the right fit. In that case, you have two options. One,
you can return the item to the store, which means you take it back to the
store and you get your money back. Or number two, if you just want a
different size or different color, you can take the item back to the
store to exchange it for another item. In both cases, there are a few things
you definitely need. Number one, you need to make sure you know how long
you have to return or exchange an item. Usually you have 30 or 60 days to return
or exchange an item and you’ll always find that information on
the receipt that you get. The receipt is that piece of paper that
lists what you paid and it’ll also give you the store’s exchange
and return policy. Also, you usually need to make sure that the
original tags or price stickers are on the item. And finally you’ll need to take that
receipt with you as proof that you purchased that item. When you go
back to exchange or return the item, here’s exactly what you can say.
I’d like to return this item. Or you can be specific and say,
I’d like to return this shirt. Or maybe you just want to exchange.
And in that case you can say, I want to exchange this
sweater for another size. Most of the time when you do this,
there are no questions asked. It’s your right to return
an item or exchange it. But you might hear someone ask, was
there anything wrong with this item? They’re asking that question because they
want to make sure that it’s not broken and that it’s okay for them to resell
it. So in response, you could say, no, it just wasn’t the right size, or no,
it just wasn’t what I was looking for. Or no, I decided it’s
not what I need. Now, I mentioned earlier that some people
don’t like to shop on Black Friday. I’m definitely one of them. I avoid all those crowded shopping malls, the crazy traffic and there are a
couple of things you can do instead. I will definitely be hiding at home, probably reading a book and just
enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. And there’s another alternative
that is growing in popularity. It’s the “opt outside” alternative. Now this idea was actually started by
a large store in the United States that sells outdoor goods, so things
that we use for camping, hiking or anything we do outside,
but the idea of it is great. Instead of shopping and being inside, maybe you could choose to go
outside and do something healthy. Go roller skating, go jogging,
go on a hike, go to a park, do something that allows
you to enjoy being outdoors. Now to finish today, I absolutely want to hear from you and
I would love for you to practice some of the language that you got in this lesson. This is the perfect opportunity for you
to practice and get more comfortable with some of the questions and sentences
you might need when you’re shopping in English. So here are two
questions for you. Number one, I want to know what you
plan to do on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday , Cyber Monday or Giving Tuesday. Are you someone who loves shopping and
you’re so excited for all those big discounts and you get a lot of energy
from being at those shopping malls with everyone else? Are you waiting for some special deals
on Cyber Monday or are you hoping to support a local business on
Small Business Saturday ? I would love to hear what your
plans are. And number two, what is your favorite vocabulary or new
sentence from this lesson that you’re excited to try using the next
time you go shopping in English? As always, you can share with
me in the comments just below. And if you found this lesson
useful, I would love to know. You can definitely give this video a
thumbs up on YouTube and subscribe to this channel so you never miss a lesson. You can also share on Facebook with
friends and family or email it to a friend who loves to shop and definitely could
use some help with shopping in English. As always, thank you
so much for joining me. Have a fantastic week and I’ll see you
next time for your Confident English lesson.


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